Understanding Adoption Procedures in Nebraska
This manual includes detailed instructions and forms for every aspect of adoption practice, along with practice pointers to prevent commission of critical errors in adoption cases.
Chapters include:

I. Introduction and Overview of Nebraska Adoption Law
II. Adoption Procedures
III. Preparation of the Forms
IV. Summary of Procedural Changes in Nebraska Adoption Law and Copies of Primary Adoption Statutes (2015)
V. Top 20 Ways to Make a Critical Error in an Adoption Case
VI. The “How To’s” of Using the Forms in This Manual
VII. Birth Mother Documents
VIII. Notice to Birth Father
IX. Representing the Birth Mother After Birth
X. Finalizing the Adoption
XI. Finalizing a Step-Parent Adoption
XII. Special Issues on Open Adoption,Counseling and Legal Representation
XIII. Guardian Ad Litem
XIV. Assisted Reproduction Overview
XV. Recognition of Same Sex Marriages and the Effect on Adoption
XVI. Key Practice Pointers in Connection with Assisted Reproduction
XVII. Practice Pointers in Addressing the Rights of Biological Fathers (and Sometimes Biological Mothers)
XVIII. Cautionary Tales in Nebraska Adoption Law
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