Complimentary Manual

Planning for Your Unexpected Absence, Disability or Death
A Guide to Planning for Your Unexpected Absence, Disability or Death
Life happens to lawyers. How do you protect your clients, your practice and your family in the event of your unexpected, extended absence, disability or death?
Although Nebraska doesn't have a rule requiring that lawyers designate another lawyer to step in in the event of misfortune, the current ethics rules recommend the practice for sole practitioners. It's a good idea for all lawyers to consider what would happen if the worst happens to them. This manual outlines how to prepare for the unexpected, what to do if you're the lawyer who steps in to another's practice, reviews the ethics rules and opinions for both situations, and provides extensive forms and checklists. It provides a detailed discussion of the ethical and practical issues related to closing files and contacting clients, and includes specific advice from the Nebraska Counsel for Discipline's Office.
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