Complimentary Guide

Nebraska Limited Scope Representation Toolkit
Guidance and Sample Forms related to providing Limited Scope Representation

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist attorneys who are licensed in Nebraska and seeking to offer limited scope representation as one of their service offerings to potential clients who have civil matters in Nebraska trial court.The toolkit includes the following:

  • OVERVIEW: Limited Scope Representation and Relevant Rules
  • CHECKLIST: Identifying Good Candidates for Limited Scope Representation
  • CHECKLIST: Discussing Limited Scope Representation with Potential Clients
  • SAMPLE CHECKLIST: Attorney and Client Task Assignment
  • COURT FORMS: Notice of Limited Appearance & Certificate of Completion
  • SAMPLE LETTER: Engagement
  • SAMPLE LETTER: Change in Scope
  • SAMPLE LETTER: Closing
  • SAMPLE: Fee Document Preparation Agreement Engagement
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