Complimentary Manual

2018 Nebraska Probate Manual
The 2018 Nebraska Probate Manual is a complete review and update of the probate process from the initial engagement through the final distribution and estate closing.

Some of Nebraska’s best probate lawyers updated or authored chapters on topics including probating testate and intestate estates, will construction rules, rights of surviving spouses and children, same-gender couples, formal and informal probates, creditors, Medicaid issues, Farm Service Agency issues, small estates, personal and foreign representatives, multi-party accounts and non-probate transfers, trusts, contests, appeals, mediation, real estate issues, inventories, and accountings and tax issues.
Volume 1 includes chapters on: Engagement Agreements; Intestate Succession, Exempt Property and Allowances; Wills and Rules of Construction; The Rights of Surviving Spouses and Children; Estate Planning and Probate Considerations for Same-Sex Married Couples; Probate and Administration: General Provisions, Jurisdiction, Venue, and Statute of Limitations; Informal Probate and Appointment Proceedings; Formal Probate and Appointment Proceedings; Personal Representatives and Special Administrators: Appointment, Duties and Powers, and Termination; Creditors' Claims; Farm Service Agency (FSA) Issues Related to Probate and Trust Administration; and A Primer on Medicaid and Related Long Term Care Issues for Estate Planners.

Volume 2 includes chapters on: Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act; Distribution and Closing of Estates; Collecting Estate Assets By Affidavit and Summary Administration Procedure for Small Estates; Foreign Representatives: Ancillary Administration; Multiple Party Accounts and Non-Probate Transfers; Creating and Administering Trusts; Defensive Remedies, Supervised Administration Will Contests and Contested Claims; Probate Appeals; Mediating Probate and Trust Disputes; Real Estate Aspects of the Nebraska Probate Code; Probate and Administration Inventory and Appraisal; Apportionment, Collection, and Payment of Estate, Generation Skipping, and Nebraska Inheritance Taxes; Accountings and Federal and State Income Tax Issues for the Estate; and Determining Nebraska Inheritance Tax.
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